Easy Sunday night dinner. 4/2/23

On Sunday night we usually have Breakfast For Dinner (BFD). We each make our own and it is always easy. I started my BFD with a shared Taylor Farms packaged Greek salad.

Greek salad

For the egg portion of my BFD I decided on a fried egg over toast. Here is my method. First I toast a piece of bread. I like rye bread. Then I cut it into 18 pieces. (that is in half and then 3 x 3) I set my plate with the cut toast spread out on it on the burner behind the one that I am going to cook my egg on to keep it warm.

Cut up toast

I cook my seasoned egg over-easy and slide it on to the waiting toast. I usual add a little extra salt on top, break the yolk, and it is ready to eat. I try to have a little egg with each toast square. And that is my easy Sunday night dinner.

Over-easy egg on toast

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1 Response to Easy Sunday night dinner. 4/2/23

  1. Serving the egg alongside an accompanying salad is a great idea!


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