Chicken enchiladas with spicy black beans 4/3/23

Chicken enchiladas with spicy black beans

Today we went to Costco with our main goal of getting a boneless leg of lamb for our Saturday family feast. But who can resist that $4.99 rotisserie chicken?! So we bought one and when we got home I took it apart shredding the chicken I wanted to use for tonight’s chicken enchiladas. I also have some nice pieces of white meat for a dinner or lunch sandwiches and I boiled up the bones for stock. So much value from a $4.99 chicken!

After getting the chicken shredded, making the enchiladas was just a matter of assembly. John briefly warmed the tortillas in the oven. I filled each tortilla with some chicken, a dollop of salsa verde, a little Mexican blend cheese, and some chopped onions. The enchiladas were nestled tightly against each other in an oblong baking dish that had been prepared with a layer of salsa verde.

When all 12 were in the baking dish I covered the top with salsa verde and the remaining onions and cheese. I baked it in the oven at 350F for about 40 minutes until it was bubbly and the cheese was melted. The black beans were merely a can of black beans, a half can of Rotel, and a few shakes of cumin.

This was a fairly easy dinner using rotisserie chicken and canned or jarred products. When the three of us were done with dinner there was not a scrap of food left!

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