Penne with mushrooms scampi style over kale 5/3/23

Penne with scampi mushrooms over kale

After reading an article that scampi is not just for shrimp I decided to try “scampifying” a pasta mushroom sauce. This consisted of starting with equal amounts of olive oil and butter, a tablespoon of each. Next I sautéed a little thinly sliced onion and then added in about 10 ounces of mushrooms halved or quartered depending on their size. After 5 minutes I added sliced garlic. Next came a half cup each of white wine and vegetable stock, some parsley, a pinch of pepper flakes, salt and pepper.

While this mixture was reducing John cooked the penne. When they were al dente he added them to the sauce. I stirred this around together and added some reserved pasta water, maybe a quarter of a cup. After plating on some raw kale we squeezed a little lemon over top.

This dish turned out really well. The white wine gave a slight sharpness to the sauce. Scampi mushrooms? Yes, please!

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  2. nice article. ill leave my thoughts…
    I absolutely love this recipe for Penne with scampi mushrooms over kale! The combination of butter, olive oil, white wine and vegetable stock is simply divine and the addition of garlic, parsley and pepper flakes adds a nice depth of flavor. The pasta and mushroom sauce come together perfectly and the addition of raw kale adds a healthy and refreshing touch. This dish is definitely a winner and I can’t wait to make it again!
    Kind Regards Mel
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