Roasted salmon with mustard sauce, rice, and Brussels sprouts. 5/4/23

Roasted salmon with mustard sauce, mixed rices, and Brussels sprouts

John roasted the salmon at 400F for 9 minutes. Since I was doing everything else we had to carefully plan what time he needed to start the fish. Earlier in the day I made the mustard sauce so that was ready to go. The rice was easy to do as well. I combined John’s white rice from the other day with my leftover red, brown, and wild rice plus riced cauliflower. Since we were upping the amount of rice I defrosted some more riced cauliflower, mixed it in, and nuked the whole amount until it was hot.

The Brussels sprouts were the timing problem. Normally it takes about 10 minutes to steam them and then let them brown in a little dry sherry and butter. But these were really big sprouts so I definitely needed about 15 minutes. I started them five minutes before the salmon. They were cooked and browned when the fish was ready.

A word about Brussels sprouts – the bigger they are, the more bitter they are. These were really big and quite bitter even though I added a half teaspoon of sugar. John liked them a lot but I did not. I will look for smaller ones in the future.

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