Vega- Vege- Pesca- tarian Day. 10/26/17

I am doing the best I can to have a more plant-based diet. Sometimes I make mistakes and sometimes my lifestyle doesn’t allow me to be perfect. Today I started off with a vegan oatmeal breakfast. This was followed by a mostly vegan lunch except I forgot that mayonnaise has eggs in it. I made my super yummy celery soup for the first part of my lunch and followed it up with a pita pocket stuffed with tomato and lettuce (and mayonnaise.)

Wonderful celery soup dressed with celery leaves, Croatian olive oil, and Trapani sea salt

A great use for our wonderful tomatoes – a stuffed pita of tomatoes and butter lettuce (with mayo)

For dinner we made shrimp scampi over polenta with broccoli salad. We have been making excuses every time we have planned shrimp and usually ordered a pizza or Chinese food instead. Finally tonight we carried through with the plan and, boy, was it delicious! The acidic broccoli salad was a perfect foil for the scampi. I know we will make this again.

Shrimp scampi over polenta with broccoli salad


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