Shrimp in a saffron Pernod sauce. 1/30/18

Until recently we have eaten lunch at the Kenwood Restaurant when we were wine tasting in the Sonoma Valley. The food was good but the clientele seemed to be getting older and older – not really a sustainable business plan. The last time we were in the area we noticed that the restaurant had closed.  Sadly we are left with only a copy of their wonderful shrimp dish, Shrimp in a saffron Pernod sauce.


Recipe for shrimp with saffron in Pernod sauce

Mostly what is required here is skill and patience in chopping things up. We had this covered since I love to chop things up. John loves to cook stuff.


The sauce cooking on the stove with collard greens and corn in the foreground

An additional ingredient which we needed was rice.  Instant Pot was to the rescue. We used the Pot with a ratio of just a tad over 1:1 rice to water. Since we were rinsing the rice there was plenty of water. Heat up the Pot, pressure cook for 10 minutes, let the pressure drop naturally and voila, rice done. I also prepared some collard greens and corn as a side dish.1B64D5BB-7795-4B60-BF76-E1BD88C58181

The shrimp cooked with the finely chopped vegetables in the Pernod sauce over the rice was quite delicious!


Shrimp in a saffron Pernod sauce over rice with collard greens and corn

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