Shrimp with rice, chard, and corn 6/29/18

This is the same shrimp with saffron and Pernod that we made a few weeks ago. The recipe is here.
We like the shrimp cooked this way and the sauce is great with rice and vegetables. Our sauce last night came out a little too stringently Pernod-y and we will have to take care to make sure that the alcohol burns off completely. Pernod is really strong tasting stuff.

Saffron Pernod shrimp with rice plus chard and corn

The rice I had left over from Chinese takeout last Sunday. The chard was supposed to be for a chickpea and lentil dish that I never got around to making. Usually I use collard greens in this preparation but the chard was just as good. To prepare it, take the center stem out of the leaves, roll them up like a cigar and chiffonade. They cook in the water that is still clinging to their leaves from their wash. I add a little butter to the pan, some garlic slices, and the frozen corn. It is done after about five minutes.

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