Freezer favorite plus menu. 9/25/1

Even though I have my gimpy knee we go ahead and take the trip we had planned to Utah. I request a wheelchair to get to the gate because I am not supposed to put much weight on it for a couple of days. We zoom through security and pre-board but it is definitely not worth being in a wheelchair.

By the time we get through the horrendous Las Vegas traffic and up to Utah it is past six PM. We are tired and do not want to go out to shop. I look in the freezer and find a container of meat sauce from June. I defrost it and, voila, dinner!

Spaghetti with meat sauce

Here is my abbreviated menu for this week. We are trying to use up proteins from the freezer.

Grillin’ Wednesday – Grilled steak, grilled potato, spinach

Meatless Thursday – Afghani dahl, fattoush

Fishy Friday – Shrimp scampi, pasta

Exotic Saturday – Banh mi burgers, salad

Classic Sunday – Chicken breast, broccoli, butternut squash


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