Ides of March vegan fare. 3/15/19

Our daughter suggested I should carry on our silly themes by making an Ides of March Caesar salad and stick a knife in it. Pretty literal, I would say. I should have thought of these obscure not-quite-holidays when I was planning out everything last Sunday. But I have ingredients in the house and I must get back to the menu so I won’t be “killing” a Caesar salad. Et tu, Brute.

Tonight’s dinner of hummus, pita, and Lebanese tabbouleh is pretty easy although making the tabbouleh does involve soaking the bulgur wheat and using the food processor. I really like this parsley forward recipe for the tabbouleh. Unfortunately it is from the NYT Cooking site which is behind a pay wall. The hummus is Sahara brand. I add a little good olive oil and some sumac to it.

Hummus with pita and Lebanese tabbouleh

On Sunday for St. Patrick’s Day I am planning on chicken chili. I’ll put some green serrano  and poblano chiles in it for some Irish flair!

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