Salmon with mango salsa. 7/14/20

First, let me say that we did eat on Monday and I forgot to take a picture! Our son took the day off from work and came over to play tennis and enjoy an al fresco lunch (which was our main meal.)  John and the kids had New York style sweet sausages in buns and I had a piece of turkey sausage with no bun. I made some tasty enhanced canned sauerkraut and our daughter made a fattoush-like salad but without the bread with produce from her garden.  Here is a picture of sort of what we had on Monday from 2019.

Here is the recipe I used for the sauerkraut.   I added some crushed juniper berries and extra caraway seeds because it needed some bitterness. BTW canned sauerkraut is supposed to be tastier than the sauerkraut you get in glass jars or bags because it does not contain chemicals to keep it from turning brown.  The ingredients are cabbage, salt, water and nothing else.

Sausage with and without bun, sauerkraut, and whole grain mustard

Okay, on to Tuesday! We tried a new recipe that came to me via email from Whole Foods. They had fresh salmon on sale so they suggested we might try Baked Salmon with Warm Mango Salsa. Here is their recipe.

The first time you make something there are bound to be errors. In our case the timing for cooking our piece of salmon was off. Although still tasty, the salmon was overcooked. We will know for next time to bake it for fewer minutes. The salsa was super good and I made some tasty black beans to keep dinner in a Caribbean vibe.

Baked salmon with warm mango salsa, rice, and black beans

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