New! Chicken and chickpea tagine. 12/15/20

Chicken and chickpea tagine over couscous with broccoli

Chicken and chickpea tagine is a recipe that I found on NYtimes Cooking site. If you have a subscription you can find it here. We, of course, made some changes to lower fat and sugar and to pare down several ingredients for 2-3 servings. We made ours spicier by adding canned tomatoes with jalapeños and soupier with some additional chicken stock so the couscous could have something to sop up. Fewer raisins and only 2 teaspoons of oil made sense to us as well.

Our tagine came out really good tasting! It was slightly sweet and slightly spicy and using boneless skinless chicken thighs meant that the longer, moist cooking left the chicken pieces juicy rather than dried out. We will definitely make this again and maybe substitute a piece of cod dropped in to the simmering broth for a much shorter time.

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