Lentils, sausage, carrot, mushroom, and spinach stew. 12/16/20

We have really been into legumes this week with split chickpeas, chickpeas, and now lentils for dinner. Tonight was supposed to be shrimp scampi but we got an invitation to watch a Zoom choral concert earlier in the day and decided we needed a quick dinner rather than tackling something new. Lightened shrimp scampi is switched to Thursday!

Lentil stew with turkey sausage, carrots, mushrooms, and spinach

To make our dinner go faster John and I employ a kind of tag team format to prep and cooking. We take turns cutting up various components and cooking. Chop, chop, turn around and stir, chop some more, stir, turn down the heat, etc. We managed to get the stew totally underway in less than half an hour and then there was maybe an additional 15 minutes of simmering to get the lentils thoroughly cooked.

This is a perfect winter dish. You can change the vegetables to your liking, you can add pork sausage if that is what you crave, or omit the meat entirely for a vegan dish. It is warm and comforting with the additional bonus of being good for you and inexpensive!

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