Shrimp fajitas. 2/19/21

Shrimp fajitas with spicy black beans

Shrimp are such versatile ingredients and lend themselves to many different cuisines. You could take an Italian route with shrimp scampi or a Chinese one with shrimp stir-fry. Tonight we decided to go Mexican with shrimp fajitas with corn tortillas and spicy black beans. Along with the requisite onions and peppers (red bell and poblano), I shredded some cabbage for extra volume. John sprinkled fajita seasoning on the vegetables and cooked them in a couple of teaspoons of olive oil. When the vegetables were cooked, he emptied the pan and cooked the seasoned shrimp. He charred the tortillas over an open flame. The spicy black beans were merely a combination of beans, salsa, cumin, garlic powder, and sriracha.

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