Shrimp tacos with spicy black beans 8/7/21

Who doesn’t love taco night?! When we have tacos I set up a make your own taco bar so it is up to me to get all the condiments ready and cook the beans while John is responsible for cooking the shrimp and heating up the tortillas.

Clockwise taco bar starting with tortillas, avocado, red onions, salsa, salt, cabbage and lime slices, cilantro, and shrimp

I eat my tacos tostada style with a knife and fork while John has his in true taco style. Using a knife and fork makes mine last longer. The spicy black beans consist of sautéed onions, garlic, cilantro stems, and cumin followed by a can of black beans and half of a can of Ro*tel original.

Shrimp tacos (tostadas) with spicy black beans

This was an enjoyable and filling meal. Having the diced avocado made it especially good!

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