Salmon salade Niçoise. 3/8/22

Salmon salade Niçoise

In addition to the salmon we had French green beans that were blanched, a hard boiled egg, kale, olives, and cherry tomatoes. I made a mustard sauce to dress the salad. It is about equal parts, horseradish mustard, whole grain mustard, plain yogurt, Skinny Girl buttermilk dressing, and a splash of water to thin it out.

I also has some new potatoes that I boiled but, in a Chopped-like moment, I neglected to get them on the plate and no one noticed. John and I ate them afterward for a potato dessert. ( For readers from other countries, Chopped is an American TV program where contestant chefs try to make a dish out of four disparate ingredients. Forgetting to get an ingredient on the plate is a common, usually eliminating, mistake.)

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