Fettuccine arrabiata. 3/9/22

Fettuccine arrabiata

I had frozen a portion of arrabiata sauce from a dinner a couple of weeks ago. It was not enough for our dinner but it was a good base to start from. There were already onions, garlic, and mushrooms in it. I added a can of Rotel (spicy tomatoes with chiles) and the rest of a bag of kale I had. It turned out really well. Not only was it delicious but all the vegetable additions made a really hearty portion, Yay! for a giant bowl of food (GBOF)!

Note: For a vegan/vegetarian preparation omit parmesan cheese.

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1 Response to Fettuccine arrabiata. 3/9/22

  1. Fairy Qu33n says:

    Delicious. I love pasta, I’m italian and this pasta is great!


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