Shrimp and grits with broccoli. 1/6/22

Shrimp and grits with broccoli

Tonight John cooked up the rest of our smaller frozen shrimp that we had purchased for Christmas Eve. I took the time to cut each one in half to slow down my eating. By doing that, when John asked if I would like to split the rest of what was left after our first platefuls I was actually full! We make our polenta (grits) at a ratio of 5.5 parts water to 1 part polenta. So in this case .5 cup of polenta to 2.75 cups of water. We also added a tablespoon of butter. The polenta comes out really creamy and is a good base for the sautéed shrimp and like a sauce for the steamed broccoli.

A really good satisfying dinner!

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