Moroccan chickpea stew (vegan). 4/17/23

Moroccan chickpea stew with chard, fennel, turnip and more!

Change in plans today since I discovered we were out of an essential ingredient for gochujang potato stew. I have only made Moroccan chickpea stew once before and it is really delicious. But it takes a lot of chopping and a wide variety of ingredients and is more of a weekend dish than a weeknight one. With me chopping and John at the stove we started around 5 PM and were able to eat by 6:45.

Lots of interesting ingredients and spices in this stew, preserved lemon, turnip, chard, fennel, cinnamon, etc. The original recipe calls for dried chickpeas but that is too time consuming so we used canned. I cut the recipe in half since it serves 6-8 and half was really filling for hearty eaters like John and me.

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