Potato, bean, and kale stew with gochujang. (Vegan) 4/18/23

Potato, bean, and kale stew with gochujang

Gochujang is a spicy Korean paste. Our daughter uses it frequently but this my first recipe to use it in. The amount suggested in the recipe is mildly spicy and will not blow your head off.

You serve the stew with rice so it is a 3-carb dinner, potatoes, beans, and rice. Who doesn’t love carbs! I served my portion with my combo brown and wild rice with plenty of riced cauliflower. There is also a large component of greens. I used kale. It doesn’t take long to make so it is good for weeknight dinners.

John pronounced it very tasty and we will put it into our vegan/vegetarian rotation.

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