Moroccan chickpeas with chard – New recipe – 9/27/16

Moroccan chickpeas with chard

Moroccan chickpeas with chard

We made this recipe almost exactly as published by NY Times. I always figure the first time you try something you should more or less stick with what’s written. It turned out very well. We served it with some rice.

The pluses to this recipe is that it is vegan and healthy. The flavor of the spices is warm and inviting. It uses under-utilized vegetables such as turnips and fennel. If you use canned chickpeas the cooking time is not long. The recipe makes a lot.

The minuses are that there is a LOT of chopping up. I found the chard stems too bitter for the dish. Before I just chucked them in I tasted them and decided to eliminate them. I am concerned that the dried apricots that I got from the bulk foods section of the market had sulfites because I have been very wheezy since I ate this.

I would definitely make this again probably continuing to use canned chickpeas, checking the dried fruit for sulfites or maybe using raisins instead, buying a bag of already chopped up and washed greens, and either making some preserved lemons or finding somewhere to buy some. Note: I used Mark Bittman’s fast preserved lemon recipe for faux preserved lemons in three hours.

Here’s the recipe::

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