Moo, cluck, moo. 1/27/18

We made some more chicken and a couple of beef dishes last week.  The steak we really like is a prime ribeye cap. They sell it at Costco and it comes tied up like a pinwheel of deliciousness. John makes it in the immersion circulator to 125F and then slaps it on the hot grill to get a nice brown crust on the outside. It is so delicious! Along with the steak we split a baking potato that I microwaved first to get it cooked through and then it joined the steak on the grill. I score the potato halves and then put garlic, salt, and olive oil on the cut side. Finally I steamed some broccoli along with some celery and onions.


Ribeye cap steak with grilled potato and broccoli

We also had a second chicken dinner.  Usually I like to try to keep things more varied but the chicken that I had on Monday was chicken parmesan and the second chicken is what I would call our traditional chicken dinner which entails a chicken breast made in the immersion circulator, mashed rutabagas made in the instant pot, steamed broccoli and a packet of chicken gravy. It is fun to cook with all our cooking toys!


Chicken breast with mashed rutabagas and broccoli

Lastly I made meatloaf which John had been craving. I especially like a cold meatloaf sandwich so everyone is a winner. I was pretty lazy with the rest of the meal going for a frozen spinach soufflé that Stouffer’s makes and Oreida crispy tater tots.


Meatloaf with spinach and tater tots

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