Turf then surf. 4/8 and 4/9/18

On Sunday we turfed with a ribeye cap steak which we first cooked in the immersion circulator to a delicious 125F degrees. Then John put it on the grill along with a microwaved baked potato cut in half to get some good grill marks on them. Our green veg was the old standby, broccoli, which seems always to be in season.

Ribeye cap steak with grilled potato and broccoli

And on Monday we surfed making Pacific cod with a chimichurri sauce, on top of puréed cauliflower and parsley, and sauteed zucchini with onions and garlic as a side. I steamed the cauliflower for about 12 minutes and then popped it in the food processor with the parsley, some butter, and a little water and salt and pepper.

Pacific cod with chimichurri sauce on top of puréed cauliflower and parsley and a side of zucchini with garlic and onions

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