I am trying to make this dish!!! 10/25/18

So back on 10/21/18 my post was about Spicy Thai Basil Eggplant with Tofu. Today on our trip to Utah we stopped at Mojave Thai Cuisine, a really surprising place to find out in the desert. We ordered their medium spicy Thai basil eggplant with Tofu (STBET from now on.) It was such much better than ours. Take a look –

Mojave Thai Cuisine’s Spicy Thai Eggplant with Tofu

Here is ours –


So it looks to me like their tofu was fried separately. While our sauce coated everything, their sauce was more on the bottom of the dish and their vegetables are less cooked. But mostly their sauce was tastier than ours. I need to try more combinations of the sauce ingredients. Sigh. Hopefully someday I will get it right.

Finally, if you are looking for some tasty vegetarian food on the road, look no further than Asian cuisines. They are full of flavor and not full of meat.

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