White chicken chili. 2/13/19

While John is at work today I put together a white chicken chili. This simple recipe is from the Neelys on the Food Network website. It is easy, uses pre-cooked chicken and canned beans, and can be made in about an hour.

After John leaves for work this morning I get all the mise en place done. Since I am a “morning person” cutting everything up in the morning makes the cooking a snap for me later in the day. For the chicken I am using our leftovers from Classic Chicken Monday and half of a rotisserie chicken from Costco. Here is my pot of chili burbling on the stove.

White chicken chili

I like that I am in control of the spiciness. Although there is a jalapeño and two poblano chiles, the actual heat is not too intense. I figure John can add some additional spice to his if he wants to. In fact we both add some sriracha to our finished bowls along with cilantro, a dollop of cooling yogurt, and some crushed tortilla chips. I really like this chili with its overtones of coriander and I hope we will make it again!

My finished bowl of white chicken chili garnished with cilantro, yogurt, sriracha, lime, and tortilla chips





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