Pasta with tuna, snow peas, and parsley. 6/8/19

Today, for my half birthday celebration (what? you don’t celebrate your half birthdays?!) I made campanelle with a lot of snow peas and parsley plus a can of tuna. I sautéed a little onion and garlic and then, when the pasta was ready, I added it along with the tuna, parsley, and snow peas to the onions and garlic. The heat of the pasta warmed up the veg and tuna. The sauce was basically just some pasta water and EVOO. It probably could have benefited from a little acid like some lemon juice or a handful of cherry tomatoes. I will have to remember that for next time.

P.S. Always de-string your snow peas or they will be unpleasant to eat!

Campanelle with tuna, snow peas, and parsley

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