Busy cooking days! 5/10 and 5/11/20

First I made some soup, lentil and vegetables. Why? Mostly because I had collard greens that were on their last legs in the crisper. I made it my usual way—sauté onions and garlic, add the celery and carrots, then the picked over and rinsed lentils and some stock. While things are cooking I add the hardest vegetables first and end up with chiffonade of collard greens. I am madly chopping while the soup is burbling. All the chopping and cooking should be finished at the same time.

Lentil and vegetables soup

This soup will last for several lunches this week. It is so good and so healthy. But there is dinner to be made for Sunday night and it is an easy one, BFD, breakfast for dinner! Eggs! Snausage (veggie breakfast patty)! Pita! Salad!

Scrambled eggs with crumbled snausage in a pita with a green salad

Finally it is Monday and I need a little break from cooking. We heat up some of the basmati rice and Chana dal from last week, serve it on top of spinach, and cook some broccoli as a side. Easy, not much clean up, and very tasty!

Chana dal with basmati rice, spinach, and broccoli

Now I am ready for something new. West African chicken Yassa tomorrow!

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