BFD Mexican influenced Breakfast for Dinner. 1/3/21

I am thinking that I might continue the ethnic theme for these BFDs, at least for a while. I can imagine doing an Indian inspired or Chinese inspired take on my egg-based dishes. Keeping meals interesting as well as colorful and good for me is a goal of mine this year.

Scrambled eggs with spiced pinto beans, kale, veg patty, salsa and tortilla

First of all, I bought this bag of rainbow kale because I needed some for the green lentil curry I am making during the week. After sticking a handful in my mouth to see how it tasted, I was, wow, this is really good! I can see that I will be using it a lot this week.

How I ended up eating my meal was a little of this and then another bite of that but at the end I had the tortilla and some beans left. So I grabbed some more kale and a spoonful of salsa and turned it into a taco. It was like having two dinners!

John made his usual omelet which I know is very tasty but I need lots of texture, color, and different tastes when I am having my dinner. Find creative ways to make your “new healthy lifestyle” dinners more interesting and you will end up adopting your new way of eating without feeling deprived.

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