Chicken vegetable soup with rice. 1/5/21

This is just an extra post about what I eat for lunch.  I am thinking that maybe people think that I starve myself all day so that I can eat the dinners that are described here. That is totally not the case. Usually I have a chicken, tuna, or chickpea sandwich with lettuce in a pita or an open-faced sandwich, and some pickles plus yogurt with blueberries. Today I got a little fancier with my lunch and made a chicken vegetable soup with some leftover rice.

Chicken vegetable soup with rice

My quick way to make soup is to spray a pan with olive oil spray and start the cut up mushrooms. While they are cooking I cut up an onion and garlic and add it to the pan. I turn the heat down a bit while I am cutting up the carrots, celery, and any other hard vegetables. Then I add them and the chicken or vegetable stock. The cooked rice and chicken just need heating up in the broth and the spinach and kale are merely wilted at the end.

A big bowl of chicken vegetable soup is the perfect cold weather lunch. It is filling and totally within my healthy eating plan.

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