LFD – Pasta with mixed greens. 1/16/21

Saturday’s LFD (Leftovers For Dinner) consisted of leftover pantry and refrigerator items. We used the other half of a box of orecchiette and part of a bag of mixed greens. I was really not sure how it was going to turn out because these greens were much more bitter and tougher than the ones I have used before. Sadly we were out of mushrooms so the greens were going to have to be the star with only onions in the supporting cast. Then I decided to cut up a couple of ounces of leftover turkey sausage and those little pieces of sausage really made a difference.

Orecchiette with mixed greens, onion, and turkey sausage

Since John was nom-nomming as he was eating, I could tell that our thrown together pasta dish was a hit. We used a little olive oil and pasta water to make the liquid part of the sauce (don’t forget to finish your pasta in your sauce!) and a sprinkling of Reggiano-Parmigiano and our best olive oil to gild the top of our dish.

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