Fettuccine with mushrooms and greens 2/16/22

Fettuccine with kale, mushrooms, onions, garlic, and pasta water

Tonight was supposed to be fettuccine arrabiata but after Tuesday’s harissa failure I needed a non-spicy dish, thus pasta and greens. With the exception of some salt, olive oil, and an optional sprinkle of parmesan cheese the caption under the picture lists all the ingredients.

I suppose if you do not like chopping things up (a personal pleasure of mine) you might find preparing the ingredients a bit onerous but you can buy all of them pre-chopped from the grocery store these days. I used Carba-nada pasta to keep calories and carbs down and I must admit to being in love with Trader Joe’s shredded kale.

Oh, Pasta Wednesday, you are my unabashed favorite dinner of the week!

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