Shrimp and broccoli over polenta. 1/30/23

Shrimp and broccoli over polenta

John set up the polenta for me to stir as he got the shrimp ready to be cooked. We buy frozen 21-25 shrimp with tail-on so he removes the tail for ease of eating. As the polenta thickened and I stirred, he kept adding more water until it was about 6 parts water to 1 part polenta. It is seasoned with salt, 2 bay leaves and 2 garlic cloves. I put in a teaspoon of butter near the end of cooking. It comes out quite loose which is the way we like it.

In the time it took to cook the shrimp, I cooked the broccoli. So the dinner came together really quickly. The polenta made a kind of thick sauce for the shrimp and the broccoli. Dinner was great!

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