Chicken Monday. 10/23/17

Chicken Monday is an institution at our house. It is a chicken oasis after a sometimes over indulgent weekend. It is a soothing reminder that not all the food is going to change. In my quest to become a part-time vegan one thing is never going to change, Chicken Monday.  To paraphrase a sexist bumper sticker, “Chicken Monday, Happy Husband.”

After starting the day off with our new regimen of oatmeal, we reheated and ate the rest of the Red Lentil Chili. I dressed mine up with some fresh tomatoes and cilantro.

Red Lentil Chili with fresh tomatoes and cilantro

Our dinner was pretty typical for a Chicken Monday – a chicken breast, couscous (a last minute substitution for some horrible tasting rutabagas), and green beans. We also made up a packet of chicken gravy.

Chicken breast, couscous, and green beans

My day was 4/5 vegan and 1/5 chicken. I am willing to accept that ratio some days. It makes for a more harmonious household.

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