Lentils over kale. 4/2/21

Friday night’s dinner was just what we needed to get us back on our diet track after a prolonged venture into too many dangerous foods. (I’m looking at you wine and matzoh with butter!)

In addition to the lentils we used turkey sausage, mushrooms, onions, carrots, garlic, and kale stems in the stew. After cooking the combo in chicken stock for about 25 minutes, I served the stew over raw kale leaves which wilted slightly under the hot lentils. John finished his bowl with some good olive oil and Trapani sea salt while I just sprinkled mine with kosher salt.

Showing amazing willpower neither of us had seconds. We now have plenty in the fridge to add more chicken stock to and turn our stew into a soup fot Saturday’s LFD! (Leftovers For Dinner)

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