LFD Chana dal with kale and rice. 7/31/21

Chana dal with kale and rice

Our Leftovers For Dinner (LFD) were a replay of July 22nd’s Chana dal. We had made a double portion and froze half so all we needed 0to do was defrost the container, cook some new rice, and lay down a bed of kale from a pre-packaged bag.To add more freshness I broke off the fat stems of the kale and added them to the stew and cut up a bunch of cherry tomatoes to garnish my dish.

Chana dal is an Indian vegan dish made up of dried split chickpeas, some tomatoes, onions, garlic, cumin seeds, and water. It only takes 15 minutes under high pressure in my Instant Pot. After my vegan pasta dishes it is my favorite totally plant based meal.

I have been having a little problem with wanting seconds lately so I gave myself strict instructions to only have one bowlful. To sweeten the deal my reward for abstaining would be a sliver of our daughter’s delicious zucchini cake. It sounds silly that I bargained with myself but it worked! I had an ample bowlful of Chana dal, a yummy sliver of cake, and a happy scale this morning.

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