Egyptian koshari (vegan) 6/4/22

Egyptian koshari

According to The Mediterranean Dish, the website where I found this recipe, koshari is “an Egyptian comfort bowl of lentils, rice, chickpeas, with a special tomato sauce and savory crispy onions on top!” I think I made it even more comforting for me by adding in the leftover farro we had and putting the whole thing on a bed of kale. It is a glorious mixture of yummy legumes and rice laced with coriander and garlic with a spicy, acidic tomato sauce and fried onions.

The recipe has a lot of steps. Since we already had a rice/farro mixture made, we just reheated it and mixed in the lentils afterward. Our lentils cooked a bit too long so keep yours on the firmer side. I also think I will use diced tomatoes next time instead of tomato sauce for more texture. Also my onions which I used corn starch to coat instead of flour should have been sliced much thinner.

All in all, though, a hearty, delicious dish that I could not stop myself from having seconds.

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