Tofu bowl. 4/26/23

Marinated tofu over rice with jalapeños, green onions, cabbage, cucumber, edamame, avocado, cilantro and lime in a soy/ginger vinaigrette

We had a ripe avocado and that means “bowl time.” We make three versions of this bowl – shrimp, salmon, and tofu. Mostly this tofu bowl is just an assemblage of cut up ingredients over rice and dressed with a soy/ginger vinaigrette. Since I am pretty zippy with my knife and mandolin the prep goes quickly. The vinaigrette is made easily with my mini prep processor taking care of the ginger and garlic.

Here’s a link to the NYTimes recipe using salmon. Unfortunately it is behind a paywall. If you do make it be sure to double the dressing. Everybody loves plenty of dressing!

Brightening my dining is a vase of flowers that I picked from my back patio.

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