Cannellini bean stew – 9/11/16

I have gotten a few days behind because we were traveling and I was also a little lax on eating correctly. It happens! And when it does learn from the experience and move forward. There is nothing to be gained by wallowing in guilt for bad food choices!

To wit, yesterday we got a pizza, today we ate a delicious vegetarian dinner, and tomorrow we are eating out, probably at an Italian restaurant in Bakersfield. Hopefully I will choose wisely.

Back to today! This is a rendition of my chickpea stew except we didn’t have any chickpeas so I used cannellini beans instead. We made a lot so there are containers of goodness in the freezer for the next time we visit Utah. Planning ahead is always a good idea.

Canellini stew with toasted pits

Canellini stew with toasted pita

Besides the beans there are onions, garlic, carrots, celery, cherry tomatoes, vegetable broth, ditalini, and greens from a dark greens mix. We served ours with a grate of Parmesan cheese, some good olive oil, and chopped green onions.

Note: For vegan version eliminate Parmesan cheese

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