Menu mix-up! 2/7,8,9/18

I had a menu plan. I posted it in my kitchen and online. Problem is when I got to Wednesday I did not feel like eating fish so I had spaghetti which I always feel like eating. Then Thursday rolled around and I did not feel like cooking at all so I subbed in the grocery store rotisserie chicken. On Friday John wanted steak so, oh well, I threw the menu away!

Spaghetti with meat sauce


Our deli counter had some blue cheese potato salad that we decided to try with our purchased chicken. They were out of cole slaw though, so we bought a packaged kit. OMG I could not believe how sweet the dressing was. I had to use a lot of fish sauce, vinegar, and olive oil to make it edible. My advice is to buy the shredded cabbage and make your own dressing!

Rotisserie chicken with potato salad and cole slaw


The next night we had a dollop of potato salad that I extended by boiling up five small new potatoes and adding it to what was left. I liked it better the second night.

Steak with semi-potato salad and broccoli

Tomorrow night I am planning on using the leftover rotisserie chicken in chicken fried rice along with some hot and sour soup. At least that is my plan as of right now!

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