Mediterranean fish soup. 4/27/18

We are leaving Utah on Sunday so it is time for some eat down. We have not made this dinner for a while but when I saw half of a fennel bulb and part of a bell pepper in the fridge, Mediterrean fish soup was calling to me. We decided that frozen salmon and shrimp would be our seafood.

There is not really much to making this. You just chop a bunch of aromatics. Sauté them and then add some fish stock. We used a bottle of clam juice, some stock we made from the shrimp shells, white wine, and canned diced tomatoes with their juice. You also add the potatoes at this point and a bay leaf and some thyme and orange zest. Once the potatoes are ready you add the seafood and a half cup of Pernod. It only takes a couple of minutes for the fish to cook and the soup is done!

Mediterrean fish soup

If you are looking for an actual recipe, my soup is adapted from Rick Stein’s Mediterrean Fish Soup which you can find on the internet. His is more involved and uses a lot of fish to make the stock. I am sure his is more delicious and prettier than mine. However, I like to make mine quick and easy as well as tasty.

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