Dining Out: Khyber Pass Afghani Restaurant. 6/24/18

According to my menu we were supposed to be having lamb chops last night. However, our son called and asked if he could drop by and the four of us ended up going out to lunch at the Khyber Pass Afghani Restaurant. It was a large lunch so we pushed lamb chops to Monday.

Both John and I ordered Dal Challow (lentils with basmati rice) and it was superb! I have never had such a flavorful lentil dish. I will no doubt being looking up recipes for this dal to make at home. They also provided for the table hummus, flat bread, and a cucumber salad.

Although the dal challow does not look like much it really packs in a lot of flavor and is vegetarian and very filling. Middle Eastern and Asian restaurants are often the best places to go for really tasty vegetarian/vegan food.

Afghani dal challow

Our son ordered a filet of lamb with rice and tomato.

Filet of lamb with rice and tomato

Our daughter ordered quabili pallow (lamb shank with rice, carrots and raisins.)

Quabili pallow

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