Fusilli with cannellini beans, mushrooms, broccoli. 12/11/21

Oh no, the chicken did not thaw!! Chicken parmesan is definitely not happening tonight. Quickly we came up with a Plan B. I had used some cannellini beans in my lunch salad so they were at the ready, the refrigerator yielded a few mushrooms and some broccoli, and I had pasta in the pantry. So out of bits and pieces we cobbled together quite a tasty dinner.

Fusilli with mushrooms, broccoli, and cannellini beans

This dinner turned out to be quite delicious and filling. Plus it was really quick to make. Using the carba-nada pasta made my WW points pretty low for 3 ounces so I felt pretty good about my vegan pasta dish.I put a drizzle of olive oil on top and John added the oil as well as a snow storm of parmesan cheese on his.

Chicken parmesan will have to wait until Monday.

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