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Father’s Day dinner. 6/16/19

When I was growing up the thing that my father liked to do on Father’s Day was play golf all day and then come home and watch the U.S. Open on TV. I think for him, not being with the … Continue reading

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Working with take-out. 6/7/19

Apparently I have thrown my menu out the window. Being short of prep time yesterday, I froze the chicken we were supposed to have and John ran out to the store to pick up something pre-prepared. He chose ribs, potato … Continue reading

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Sweet Italian sausage with polenta and salad. 5/30/19

I started out by cutting the onions and bell peppers for tonight’s dinner plus enough for use in the fajitas we are having tomorrow night – two birds with one stone! Next I prepared the vegetables for the salad. I … Continue reading

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Carnitas! 5/20/19

Veinte de Mayo is just as appropriate as Cinco de Mayo for enjoying some fine Mexican food. Tonight we made carnitas tacos! I made an array of condiments – chopped cilantro and green onions, a crunchy Mexican slaw, sliced avocado, … Continue reading

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Porchetta. 4/7/19

I have been a little derelict with posting to my Omnivore site while we have been on vacation. This is partly due to the fact that I am busy writing my travel/personal blog every day and partly because I am … Continue reading

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Pasta fagioli. 3/26/19

John is working at his office today so I am flying solo tonight for dinner. This pasta fagioli is based on a recipe by Giada De Laurentiis of Food Network fame. You can take a look at her recipe here. … Continue reading

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Sausage with peppers and onions on polenta. 3/19/19

Today is not all about baking (see my other post, Nana Banana Cake) we also need to eat dinner! While John is taking lead on the dinner making the sausage and polenta, I have a supporting role in the onions, … Continue reading

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Crispy pork cutlet. 2/9/19

We are supposed to be eating these cutlets with frisée, lemon, and capers but it is pouring rain out and it seems like going with what is in the refrigerator rather than making a special trip somewhere just for frisée … Continue reading

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Pork, sauerkraut, and apples. 2/2/19

Tonight we take a little trip to Germany via our dinner. John and I have been fussing around with these boneless pork ribs that we have trying to get a Vietnamese dish to come out right. No luck so far. … Continue reading

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Meats fried rice. 1/19/19

This morning I made some brown rice using the oven method. It turns out so well with this method and although it is not fast I really do not have to do anything except put it in the oven and … Continue reading

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