New name! Part-time Vegan! 10/16/17

After taking a close look at what I’ve been preparing and eating, I renamed my blog, Part-time Vegan. It seems that my breakfast and lunch are vegan and my dinner is all over the map. Maybe I won’t save the world with my semi-commitment but for me and probably a lot of folks it is a good step.

Since my son is visiting we are eating a lot of lunches out. Today’s lunch was at Mad Pita Express where I had hummus and tabbouleh with their awesome pita.

Hummus and tabbouleh at Mad Pita Express

Sadly we took our son to the airport and hugged him goodbye after a super long weekend. Then we came home to make supper, Chicken Monday! We split one breast and here it is enjoying its sous vide Jacuzzi.

Warm bath for our chicken

I also made a combo mash of butternut squash and potatoes.

Hot bath for butternut squash and potatoes

Plus I prepared some broccolini that I sizzled in some olive oil.

Broccolini with olive oil and chili flakes

And here it is my vegetable dinner with chicken!

Half chicken breast with mashed root veg and broccolini

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