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Modern grilling-potatoes. 4/26/18

With our steak that I talked about in my last post, we had grilled baked potatoes. This is super easy. Buy a good sized baking potato since you will be eating half and your partner or whomever will eat the … Continue reading

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“Seasonal vegetables” done right! 3/6/17

I have railed against those insipid saucersful of vegetables that restaurants call seasonal vegetables before. Let’s be clear, that dish of zucchini or yellow summer squash with horrid baby carrots and perhaps the odd bit of bell pepper or broccoli … Continue reading

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An underutilized protein – Lamb. 1/21/17

We really enjoy the Australian lamb that is available at Costco. The amount of lamb that Americans eat is minuscule compared with beef consumption. John grilled the lamb and also finished the sweet potatoes on the grill. When everything was … Continue reading

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New Year’s Try – 1/2/17

Can a person resolve to try to do something? I think that if you are resolving then you cannot be halfway about it. So I think I will have New Year’s tries. I will try to make healthier choices. I … Continue reading

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Lamb chops, sweet potato, and green beans – 9/21/16

John cooked the lamb chops on the grill and I microwaved a sweet potato and then mashed it with some chipotle powder. The real star of the show, though, were the green beans. Along with the half sandwich that I … Continue reading

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015 – Mixed grill with asparagus and chipotle sweet potatoes

First a note as to what has been happening since last Thursday. On Friday we ate the leftovers from Thursday. On Saturday we went out to dinner and had seared walu which is also known as sunfish or escolar. It … Continue reading

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