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Make it yourself! 7/15/18

Sometimes doing the easiest thing may be expedient but it is often not the best. Last night for Wildcard Sunday we bought some prepared ribs at the grocery store and a bag of shredded cabbage with a dressing to make … Continue reading

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New dish! Afghani lentils. 6/27/18

(This is a vegetarian dish when made with vegetable stock. For vegans omit cheese and yogurt or use substitutes.) We had such a delicious lunch at the Khyber Pass Afghani Restaurant that I wanted to try to recreate it at … Continue reading

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Farro and chickpea salad with grilled chicken – 5/3/17

Dinner tonight was driven by the fact that I had a lot of leftover, too sweet farro. Yesterday I made a new recipe that called for farro cooked in apple cider. It was not a hit. So my goal was … Continue reading

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Last minute Thursday – Potstickers and salad – 4/20/17

I had to rustle this up out of the refrigerator and the freezer after we returned home around 8PM. Tonight was our grandson’s first band concert. The traffic was brutal on the way over and merely bad on the way … Continue reading

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Leftover Wednesday – Lamb Tacos – 4/19/17

So extra pictures did not do the trick as far as blog traffic was concerned. Nonetheless I have two pictures today. So I have leftover lamb, onions, and taco seasonings for the tacos along with feta cheese, mint, lettuce, and … Continue reading

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Add some zing to your sandwich with quick pickled vegetables – 3/1/17

We have a sandwich place out here, Lee’s Sandwiches, that makes banh mi, the Vietnamese sandwich. It comes on a crunchy, flaky French roll and often has some sort of liver spread, pork cold cuts, pickled vegetables and spicy pickled … Continue reading

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