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Classic chicken dinner. 1/8/19

Have I really not made this dinner since November 12 last year? Wow, this is something usually I cook every week or at least every two weeks. My life must have gotten very busy! John puts a chicken breast which … Continue reading

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Lucky vegetarian tacos. 1/6/19

These vegetarian or vegan tacos are lucky because they are made with my lucky beans from January 1 and I am lucky because I hardly have to do any work for dinner! Our dinner tonight consists of corn tortillas filled … Continue reading

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Carbonnade à la Flamande. 1/2/19

Every so often because we went on a Viking cruise I get an email with recipes from various regions they sail to. I have saved a few of them and, since it is winter, I thought I would try one … Continue reading

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Red beans and rice. 1/1/19

Let the cooking begin! I am sooooo happy to be back in my own kitchen! Though I am not a big believer in luck, I figure that a traditional lucky dinner to start the new year couldn’t hurt. So I … Continue reading

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Stretch your food budget. 12/4/18

On Tuesday we made a beef stew. There was less than a pound of meat in it and some potatoes, onions, and a few limp carrots and celery. We had some leftovers but not enough for a whole meal. So … Continue reading

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Instant Pot beef stew. 12/2/18

I have been craving some beef stew. This is the exact same beef stew my mother used to make when I was a kid. Back then I hated everything but I grew up and realized that the comforting flavors of … Continue reading

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Planning ahead. 11/25/18

Yesterday I thought to myself, if I do not start planning and cooking ahead my whole house of cards is going to fall down.   I am not sleeping well and I need occasional little naps. Often I need a … Continue reading

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