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Sous vide chicken breast with corn, shallots, and cream. 7/10/18

John and I love French food although we rarely make it.  In our minds the fabulous ingredients and sauces are just too rich for a weekday night. However since I have been trying to introduce new dishes to my website … Continue reading

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Eat down, fried rice. 5/27/18

We are leaving for Utah this week and need to make dishes which will use up some of our produce. I suppose I could make a soup or pasta but we have  quite a bit of rice in the refrigerator. … Continue reading

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Saffron Pernod Shrimp. 5/23/18

Having finished up our leftovers of this dish last night our daughter declared that it was like eating in a restaurant! That is high praise indeed since she rarely eats any of our food. Saffron shrimp with Pernod sauce has … Continue reading

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Healthy start to the week. 4/15/18

Now that we are here in Utah and we have taken care of the unpacking and the installation of our patriotic goose guard, it’s time to make a menu and shopping list. I like to make a menu for a … Continue reading

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Unsuccessful fried rice. 3/4/18

I tried a new recipe for chicken fried rice made with a Thai twist and it was not very good. Along with the rice, chicken, and vegetables we put in fish sauce and basil. Squeezing some lime over it helped … Continue reading

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New dish – spaghetti with olives, capers, tomatoes, and breadcrumbs. 11/26/17

It is so nice to get back to eating NOT-turkey. We decided on an all vegan day to separate us from all the heavy food. After our breakfast oatmeal I had a lunch of brown rice with tofu and vegetables. … Continue reading

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Treat yourself! 11/7/2017

I am so glad to be in my own kitchen again! Now I can control what I eat. I decided to treat myself at lunch and make something a little more complex than the usual leftovers or sandwich. Using the … Continue reading

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