🐟 Restaurant quality dinner at home. 2/18/20

Tonight we prepare a dinner as good as any you might get in a restaurant and one that you would have to probably pay $30 a person for. But with $17 for the fish and $3 for the vegetables, we save ourselves $40.

Chilean sea bass on a bed of collards and corn with seared tomatoes and aioli

I admit that the tomatoes get away from me and burn a bit while I am looking for the corn in the freezer but otherwise everything else is spot on. John cooks the fish in a 400F oven for about 15 minutes, I sauté the collards and corn, make aioli, and scorch the tomatoes. It is a really delicious dinner.

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🥬 Vegetable soup with beans. 2/17/20

We are supposed to have fish tonight. We went to Whole Foods today to buy it (on sale) so it would be as fresh as possible. Then I am reaching into the refrigerator and notice that the light inside is not working. I go tell John and in doing so notice that the clock is not working. Uh oh, a power outage. Our power is not supposed to come back on until either 8 PM or 3 AM. We make some popcorn. You know you can actually pop microwave popcorn in a pot on the stove? Anyway, as the sun goes down completely, any idea of fish is gone.

So at some point the electricity comes back on sooner than 8 PM and it is time to make something quick for dinner. I cut up some onions and garlic and John sautes them. Then I add carrots, celery, and potatoes plus some tomatoes that need using. We add pinto beans and vegetable stock. Cook the whole thing for about 15 minutes and then add some spinach. When it is wilted, it is time to eat.

Vegetable soup with beans, potatoes, and spinach

Our emergency dinner turns out to be quite tasty, quick and easy to make, and it is a very healthy choice as well. Fish tomorrow night!

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🥚 Breakfast for dinner. 2/16/20

John and I always have breakfast for dinner on Sunday. On our healthy-eating diet plan our weigh-in day is Monday. So we want to keep it light on Sunday night. John made a couple of sunny-side up eggs and toast for his dinner. I made an omelet with green onions and garlic, an English muffin, and a Morningstar breakfast patty. These vegetarian patties taste really good to me and having 2 eggs, the breakfast patty, and an English muffin seems like an extravagance on a light eating night.

Breakfast for dinner

P.S. I gained 1 lb. on my little vacation last week. I consider that a success. John lost weight.

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Weekly Menu February 16-22, 2020

Here are eight ideas for dinner this week—four vegetarian/vegan, three seafood, and one chicken.  They are in no particular order except BFD (breakfast for dinner) which we always eat on Sunday night. I am trying a new dish, chickpea stew with coconut and turmeric. I will need to make major adjustments to the recipe to make it fit into my healthy lifestyle eating plan. We will see how it turns out.

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🦃 Lentil soup with turkey sausage. 2/15/20

I’m back from our little road trip to Portland, OR and so happy to return in my kitchen. While away I tried to eat some things that I don’t make at home. I had pho twice and even found a place to try the veggie combo Ethiopian style. I feel excited to try some new things.

However, the food landscape at our house was looking pretty bleak when it comes to making dinner last night. I resolved to use as many vegetables as I could that were looking mighty sad in the refrigerator. With me chopping and John sautéing we were ready for dinner in no time.

The lentils in the soup are bolstered by chicken stock and turkey sausage. To make it filling I used carrots, celery, onion, mushrooms, green onions, jalapeño, leaf lettuce, and parsley. The jalapeño kind of took over the flavor but John likes spicy stuff so it worked out.

Colorful and healthful lentil soup with turkey sausage


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🐟🐓 Trying to lose weight while vacationing? 2/12/20

If you are trying to lose weight while vacationing, you probably should not be vacationing. What I always aim for is to try not to gain weight. This goal is doable if you are aware of what your choices will be ahead of time and make the best choice. These days we have an advantage since most menus are on line. You will still get sabotaged sometimes but you will not be total undermined.

I have lost 27 pounds since I started on my weight loss campaign in mid-September. During that time I have been on a two week cruise, had my sister come for a week’s visit, spent five days with my best friend in San Antonio, and celebrated Christmas and my birthday. So I am pretty pleased with myself.

John and I are on a little road trip currently. Here are a couple of good choices I have made.

A bowl of chicken pho. I found a Vietnamese restaurant in Albany, OR on Yelp while riding along in the car.

Seafood is usually a good choice. All I had to do is not eat all of the giant pile of rice! (And try to avoid the sauce)

Granted this is a fried dish but it is lightly breaded razor clams, a delicacy that you can only get during their short season. Also green beans, and the potatoes that I only ate part of.

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🍤 Shrimp, rice, and broccoli with oyster sauce. 2/7/20

Friday was my last cooked meal for the week. On Saturday we are going out to dinner to celebrate our son’s birthday and on Sunday is our usual, “breakfast for dinner.” Next week John and I are going on a little road trip up to the Pacific Northwest—Portland, Oregon to be exact. I will try to post a couple of dinners. I am hoping for razor clams!

But back to Friday and we had some sautéed shrimp, rice, and broccoli. I made the oyster sauce, soy sauce, rice vinegar, and a pinch of sugar concoction that I made for the bok choy a week or so ago.  It went well with the rice and broccoli and even the shrimp!

Shrimp, rice, and broccoli with an oyster/soy sauce

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