Weekly menu. 2/2-8/20

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🐓 Chicken Monday on a Saturday night. 2/1/20

Even when the children were small, Monday dinners were known as chicken Monday. As my daughter grew up I let her choose what spices would go on the chicken. One time we had “Chicken with 17 Spices.” Now she doesn’t eat with us often because our food is too boring. She makes wild concoctions of pasta, sausage, and blue cheese crumbles which smell awfully good but do not fit into our healthy eating plan. (BTW I have lost over 25lbs! So here is our dearly beloved, boring Chicken Monday on a Saturday. It is a pan roasted chicken breast, rutabagas made in the Instant Pot mashed with a little bit of light Canola oil butter, and broccoli.

Pan roasted chicken breast, mashed rutabagas, broccoli

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⚓️ Seared scallops. 1/31/20

Scallops are my favorite protein. We get the scallops at Costco where they are reasonably priced, flash frozen, and packed with no chemicals. John defrosts them ten at a time and sears them in our cast iron frying pan. I make new potatoes, a mixed vegetable of snow peas, carrots, and celery, plus tartar sauce. This dinner makes an ordinary day an occasion!

Scallops, new potatoes, mixed vegetables

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🐂 Tex-Mex-Grex. 1/30/20

A few weeks ago we bought a flank steak and used half of it grilled. Tonight with the other half we made steak fajitas. This entree was accompanied by a salad. Our daughter came into the kitchen and said, “Why are you having a Greek salad with TexMex?” And so Tex-Mex-Grex was born.

Greek salad

John made some fajita seasoning and rubbed the steak with it and also gave me some to season the onion, bell pepper, and jalapeño. While he grilled the steak, I sautéed the vegetables and made the Greek salad. We charred the tortillas and it was time to eat.

Steak fajitas with Greek salad

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Oops, left out an ingredient!

The oyster sauce that I put on my bok choy is

2 tablespoons oyster sauce
1 tablespoon soy sauce
A pinch of sugar


2 tablespoons of rice vinegar

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🍤 Shrimp, rice, and a new vegetable. 1/29/30

For some reason I had convinced myself that I did not like bok choy. So I never eat it. I was searching for a vegetable to go with our shrimp and rice dinner and could not face broccoli again! I decided to give bok choy another chance. It was good! Especially good with a little sauce I made for it which consisted of 2 tablespoons of oyster sauce, 1 tablespoon of soy sauce, 2 tablespoons of rice vinegar, and a pinch of sugar. Bok choy cooks up quickly and what looks like a lot really cooks down so be sure to buy enough. I bought one head (?) of baby bok choy for the two of us and we really wished we had more. P.S. the sauce is also delicious on rice.

WW blue points = 7 (oil, oyster sauce, rice)

Sautéed shrimp with bok choy and rice

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🥬 Instant Pot split chickpea stew. 1/28/20

This is such an easy and delicious vegan dinner. A cup of split chickpeas, that I found at the WalMart grocery store amongst the Indian foods, are soaked for 30 minutes. While this is going on I sauteed some cumin seeds and then added onions and garlic. When the 30 minutes is up, drain the chickpeas and add them to the pot. The liquid for the pressure cooking came from a can of diced tomatoes and a can of water. The pressure cooker cooks at pressure for 16 minutes and then cools naturally for 10 minutes. After that I released the rest of the pressure. Done!

We served it with steamed rice and broccoli. It was good tasting and good for us.

WW blue points = 4 (oil, rice)

Split chickpea stew with rice and broccoli

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