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🍤 Shrimp biryani with Instant Pot rice. 4/6/20

The original recipe I had for Shrimp Biryani called for the shrimp and the rice being cooked in the Instant Pot. You were supposed to use U-10 shrimp which are too pricy for our weeknight meal but apparently able to … Continue reading

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🦃 Kale soup with turkey sausage, potatoes, and cannellini beans. 4/2/20

I came across this recipe and decided to make it my own. The original recipe called for chorizo, russet potatoes, tomatoes, kale, and broth. My version has turkey sausage, kale stems and leaves, small red potatoes, cannellini beans, carrots, tomatoes, … Continue reading

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🐚🐟 Shrimp in yellow curry with vegetables. 3/19/20

We made Mark Bittman’s shrimp in yellow curry but we made it lighter by substituting the cup of coconut milk with non-fat yogurt, two teaspoons of cream, and about 1/4 teaspoon of coconut extract. I am sure using the coconut … Continue reading

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🐟 A pretty, perfect, lunch (or dinner) 2/29/20

This is my second go at a Nicoise Salad. It is so colorful and a delight to eat. I subbed in black beans for a green vegetables and used spinach instead of traditional salad greens. John and I ate our … Continue reading

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🐟. Salade Niçoise. 2/21/20

Salade Nicoise is a main course salad.  Mostly it is just an assembly of  component parts. I used the same pot of boiling water to cook the egg, blanch the snow peas, and boil the potatoes. I have a salad … Continue reading

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🐟🐓 Trying to lose weight while vacationing? 2/12/20

If you are trying to lose weight while vacationing, you probably should not be vacationing. What I always aim for is to try not to gain weight. This goal is doable if you are aware of what your choices will … Continue reading

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🥬 Red lentils and ginger with creamed spinach. 12/26/19

Our house is still awash with baked goodies—rum cake, all sorts of cookies, focaccia, and panettone, but it is time to put the brakes on the endless eating. Oh, I have enjoyed it, the prime rib, the silky mashed potatoes, … Continue reading

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🦃 or 🥬 Everyday lentil stew. 12/10/19

Our everyday lentil stew is an easy, quick dinner that can be stretched into a soup or served tighter as a hearty stew. You can make it vegan or add some turkey sausage, as we did today, or go whole … Continue reading

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🐟 The Habit Grill hack. 11/12/19

When it comes to sort of fast food, I like to eat at The Habit Burger Grill.  But I do not want to spend precious WW points eating a burger on a bun. That would be more than half of … Continue reading

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🥬 Grilled portobello mushrooms with coleslaw (again!) 11/10/19

What can I say? I love this dinner! So I guess you will see it popping up on my blog about once every ten days. It is simple and easy to prepare, delivers big flavor, and fits really well into … Continue reading

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